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Your Will

A Will is the document that determines what happens to your property after your death. It is one of the most important documents you can have.  It gives you control over what happens in to your assets after you die. Simply the future wellbeing of your family may depend on you having an effective and legally valid Will.

There is only one thing worse than having no Will and that is having a badly drafted or out of date Will. Our specialist knowledge enables you to prepare for future eventualities with a Will that is appropriate to your individual circumstances and properly protects your loved ones.

Here are some examples of the range of Wills that are needed and the different needs of those making them.

Single People

If you have no dependants you might want to give more thought as to where your assets will go. If you do nothing it may go to distant relatives or even the Crown. You may have heavy responsibilities as a carer or a lone parent that you want to provide for in your Will

Married Couples

Many married couples think that it is not necessary to make a Will as everything will pass to the survivor. This is not necessarily the case and Wills can be highly effective in protecting assets from care costs, tax or second families.

Cohabiting Couples

Many couples live together for decades and have children together. This is not a civil partnership and you do not have the rights of a married couple. Your cohabitee cannot inherit from you unless you make a Will and they might find themselves homeless as a result.

Divorced and Separated People

When a marriage breaks down your whole world can fall to pieces. What could happen on your death is of fundamental importance and a little action now could save considerable heartache. Remember, separation has no effect on a Will and your spouse would still have the primary claim on your Estate unless you do something about it.

Step Families

This is the biggest single source of abuse/heartache. Simply, if you have children from a previous relationship it is essential to have a Will to provide for them (or not provide for them). If you want to provide for step-children or the children of your unmarried partner it is equally essential to have a Will.


If you are worried about the future of a child with a disability or problems of addiction you must have the correct type of Will. Careful planning will secure the future of a disadvantaged person. You can provide for them without giving them control of the money and without affecting their benefits.

Divorce and Family Problems

You might be very concerned about giving a child a large inheritance if they are in a difficult marriage. An appropriate Will can safeguard your Estate.

Estate Planning

We can identify potential liabilities to inheritance tax and work with you to identify ways to avoid this.

Business Wills

A business owner without a Will is taking an enormous risk as an unexpected death can have a devastating effect on your business. Whether you are a sole proprietor, in partnership or a shareholding director of a limited company you can manage the risk and safeguard your business and your family by having an appropriate Will.

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